Holiday Grades

Holiday Grades


Your Holiday, Your Way

Have you ever taken a walk and ended up somewhere that you never knew existed?

Since 1946 we have been crossing continents, clambering stiles and climbing the highest mountains in search of secluded coves, hidden gems and fresh views to take you to. Whether you want to bound across the countryside, take a scenic coastal path stroll, head for the hills for an energetic hike or do a combination of different walks; we have grades to match all moods and abilities. Because on a Ramblers Walking Holiday it doesn’t matter where you want to discover or what your style of walking is, we have a holiday to suit.


Sightsee & Stroll

Feel the sun on your face as you tour the magical canals of Venice, discovering tucked away treasures and iconic landmarks. Amble around the villages of the Lake District, stopping off for a sumptuous slice of cake and a warming hot drink. Taste the fruit of the vine as you visit some award-winning Bodegas in the Alpujarras. Or set out on a journey of solace and spirituality, as you explore the paradise islands of Indonesia. Our Leisurely holidays are just perfect for when you want to linger a little longer, whilst taking in the city sights and scenic landscapes.

"Fantastic location for a walking holiday, with stunning scenery in the city, out on the islands and in the hills.”


Coast & Countryside

Look out to stunning sea views as you walk along remote coastal paths in Majorca. Meander through flower filled meadows in Madeira. Explore moorlands shrouded in mystery in the Peak District. Breathe in the scent of lavender as you hike the wild coast of South Africa or catch your breath as you stand beside a mountain tarn in Morocco. Our Moderate holidays are great for those who love to ramble in the great outdoors.

“Wonderful coastal walks with magnificent views as well as some island walking.”


Rolling Hills And High Mountains

Exert yourself as you scramble across Lakeland ridges in the Lake District. Revel in a sense of achievement as you stand atop Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain peak. Peer out across a snow capped Alpine range in the heart of the Dolomites. Or undertake a demanding yet exciting hike over steep and tough terrain, as you scale to perilous heights when hiking through the Balkans and Andorra. Our Challenging holidays will suit those who enjoy an energetic pace and exhilarating views.

“Perhaps the best Ramblers Walking Holiday I have had. Fantastic scenery, wonderful quiet walks – would recommend it!”


Holiday Walking Grades

To keep things simple we have created a continuum of nine walking grades, ranging from leisurely to moderate to challenging. The choice is all yours...

Grades 1, 2 & 3 - Leisurely grades

Grades 4, 5 & 6 - Moderate grades

Grades 7, 8 & 9 - Challenging grades