Leisurely Grades

Grades 1, 2 and 3


Grade 1

These are active sightseeing holidays where you will get to visit iconic city landmarks on foot, whilst outside the towns and cities you may visit wineries or take a short foray into the countryside





Grade 2

Mixes active sightseeing with short city or countryside walks.

The National Parks, beaches and rainforest of Sri Lanka are typical examples of places you will enjoy visiting in one holiday.

Any walks will take up to 2 hours and any ascents or descents will be taken at a leisurely pace.



Grade 3

Easy countryside walking with plenty of breaks, normally taking up the whole day.

Most of these holidays have an element of sightseeing.

You are unlikely to walk more than 6 miles and the cumulative ascents and descents will be gradual and range from minimal to 300m.


Please also take a look at our footwear advice for leisurely grade holidays