Challenging Grades

Grades 7, 8 and 9


Grade 7

Stamina is the key to these holidays, which will typically be in the Alps or the Dolomites.

There is plenty of ascent and descent over rough and steep ground, so a steady foot and a good head for heights is advisable.

Expect about 800 - 1000m of cumulative ascent and descent each day.


Grade 8

Hard mountain walking every day in the Alps, the Balkans and the Pyrenees, with long ascents, descents and scrambling.

Stamina and a good head for heights are essential.

Distances will probably not exceed 12 miles, but cumulative ascents and descents will normally be between 1000 and 1500m each day.



Grade 9

Technical mountaineering with ice-axes, crampons, slings, ropes and karabiners where necessary.

Led by qualified mountain guides.

Distances will sometimes be very short, but the terrain will be very demanding.


Please also take a look at our footwear advice for challenging grade holidays