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Perched on the on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean, Gibraltar has been key strategic location for centuries, and much fought-over. Gibraltar is a curious place, particularly to visiting British, who find there a rather quaint version of what now seem old British customs and traditions, which native Gibraltarians maintain with pride. The Rock itself is a 426 metre-high lump of Jurassic limestone, the top of which rewards you with a truly breath-taking view encompassing the African coastline, Spain’s Costa del Sol, and the meeting of the waters of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. And, of course there is the abundant wildlife, including the famous Barbary apes.

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A day spent on Gibraltar is surely a day well spent. Join one of Ramblers Worldwide Holidays small, friendly groups to explore this very British location, guided by our top-ranking tour leaders.

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