BA Preferred Partner

altRamblers Walking Holidays are proud to be a British Airways Preferred Partner.

Travelling with British Airways assures a relaxing, pleasurable experience from beginning to end. Ramblers Walking Holidays and British Airways have enjoyed an excellent working relationship for many years. 

This means that the majority of our holidays with flights will be using British Airways scheduled flights, and we offer British Airways regional connecting flights from most parts of the UK.

Clients will benefit from British Airways quality onboard service.

Our British Airways preferred partnership mean that we can also offer you access to upgrades on British Airways flights at very reasonable rates. 

Read more about our preferred partner status and the cabin options available.


Flight Schedules

Current flight information for a given departure can be checked on the individual holiday pages by pressing the ‘Book’ button next to your chosen departure date, entering a number in any room type showing space available, then hovering your mouse over the ‘See Details’ icon against your chosen departure airport.

Please refer to your Confirmation of Booking invoice for flight information specific to your holiday. However, please be aware that flight details may change between you booking and travelling on your holiday with us.

Significant changes will be advised separately as they occur but minor changes will only be notified in your final travel documents, which will be sent to you approximately two weeks before departure.

Please note that an alteration of your outward flight times by less than 12 hours, change of aircraft type or airline are examples of what may be deemed a minor change to your holiday arrangements.


Flight Supplements

Should you book late, particularly less than six weeks before departure, we may have to offer to buy in an additional flight seat from the airline for you at a higher price or in a different ‘ticket class’ than that obtained for the majority of your travelling companions. In these situations, although you may have paid a flight supplement (which will be advised to you at the time of booking), unless specifically otherwise stated, your seat will still be in the standard economy class cabin rather than in a premium cabin class such as ‘Premium Economy’ or ‘Business’ class.
It is often possible to ‘bolt on’ a mini independent package to your holiday, with an extra stay at our hotel(s) at the start or end of your holiday. For changes to our group flight arrangements a non-refundable flight administration charge of £35 per person will apply. Contact our Travel Department to find out more.



We are able to offer upgrades on most flights. On scheduled flights, Premium Economy, Business or First Class are possible. Most low cost carriers offer extra leg room seats. Please contact us for a competitive quote on 01707 386732 or by e-mail: [email protected].


Regional Flights

We always endeavour to offer as many regional airport departures as possible and make travelling from your local airport even easier. However as a specialist small-group tour operator offering holidays in some remote areas of the world, some overseas transfers may be long, and difficult without private transport and therefore costly. Our aim is to ensure holiday prices are kept as competitive as possible and your arrival in your destination no more arduous than necessary so please understand that for all these reasons, regional flying isn’t available on all holidays. We have however taken a closer look at where and how we can offer more flexibility from your local airport.

Please note that in some instances we may require the full flight cost to be payable at the time of booking and that, unfortunately, this cost is non-refundable. Details are usually available on the individual holiday pages or in our brochure.

alt R1 -For these holidays we do not offer regional flights with airport to hotel transfers but there is a wide choice of regional flights operating from the UK which you may choose to book independently. We can offer lots of advice regarding easy transport options to/from your resort.
alt R2 - We can offer regional flight options but due to the location and travelling time to our resort we operate just one transfer coach between the airport and our hotel to coincide with our main group. This may mean that there is a wait at the overseas airport in one or both directions.
R3 - We can offer regional flight options and often there will be up to two transfer vehicles (which may include coaches, minibuses or taxis) from the airport to the hotel and vice versa which will minimise any waiting time at the overseas airport.


Add-on Flights

We are also able to offer connecting flights in conjunction with the international flight arrangements for many of our holidays. The prices are very competitive and in order to benefit from complete peace of mind plus the following, just ask us to book the flights for you:

• Check in for the whole journey, removing the need to reclaim luggage and re check-in in London

• Less connecting time required

• Flexibility to change to another flight if the international times change

• Knowledge that the airline will take responsibility for getting you to the final destination if a connection is missed due to a major delay


Flight Documents

Your travel documents and baggage labels will be sent to you about two weeks before departure.

If you have paid in full but not received your travel documents within 7 days of departure, please contact us urgently on 01707 386732, or by e-mail: [email protected].

When you receive your tickets, it is important to check that all details are correct and are as expected.

Please contact us immediately if there are any errors or if you are unsure about anything.

Ticket details must reflect your name as printed in your passport or the airline or other carrier may refuse to allow you to board your flight, train or ship.

The carrier’s terms and conditions are incorporated into your holiday contract with us. To see the airline’s conditions of contract and other notices please visit Should you wish a printed copy of this, please contact us.


Travel Delays

Flights can be delayed – it’s beyond our control – but we and the airlines concerned make every endeavour to provide refreshments and, when necessary, accommodation in reasonable relation to time of day.

Please provide us with a mobile phone number to enable us to contact you at the very last minute or during your holiday – particularly during your outward travel. We will only use mobile phone numbers you provide us to assist you and not to subject you to marketing calls. Please do keep your mobile phone switched on and readily available when travelling to the airport or if delayed en route.

In the event of a delay to your return flight, for example due to industrial action at the airport or unexpected bad weather, although we will provide you with reasonable assistance, we will not be responsible for any additional accommodation costs for additional days that you must stay in the destination before your return flight.


On Board

Most airlines allow you to pre-book your seat in advance for a fee; alternatively you can choose a seat at check-in at no additional charge. On many charter services extra legroom seats can also be purchased subject to availability. Please contact our Travel Department on 01707 386732, or e-mail: [email protected] for further information.

Many scheduled and charter airlines now charge for on-board food and beverages. The latest information relating to this will be sent with your travel documents.


Airlines Used

See a list of the airlines used in our holiday programme.