Walking Holidays on Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are one of the world’s last great unspoilt places. They are a naturalist’s dream, outstanding for watching seabirds and mammals. The islands have often been compared to the Galápagos Islands, but have suffered less from the impact of tourism.

They are approximately the size of Wales and home to just under 3,000 people, many speculate there are more animals here than people – why not find out whether this is true and visit on one of our fantastic walking trips.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to the Falkland Islands?

With white sandy beaches and blue waters lapping the shore, you could easily be anywhere in the balmy Caribbean, until of course, the gentle spring breeze picks up and you dip your toe in the chilly waters.  Nevertheless – the scenery is picture perfect.

The cuisine in the Falkland Islands is just a stones throw from home and will provide the ultimate comfort food after a long day strolling through the scrublands. Made with mainly organic produce the dishes are warming and familiar.

Our tour takes us up Mount Tumbledown and is led by a local guide who was a teenager during the Falklands War. This part of the trip is extremely moving but an important feature in your experience of the country. You can walk for miles through tussock grass and fail to see much in the way of human life– which for many is privilege and an escape from the stresses of modern day life.

Be prepared to be greeted by huddles of friendly and inquisitive penguins as you stroll along the beach, but don’t forget your camera as this is the only place in the world you’ll get to spot King Penguins outside Antarctica.

Sea Lion Island is a feast for the eyes and an absolute highlight of the trip. Stay in one of our fantastic lodges providing breathtaking views, and become neighbours with the giant Elephant Seals relaxing on your doorstep.

Some of these magnificent creatures weigh up to three and a half tonnes and hold huge amounts of humorous character – don’t forget to look out for Dumbo one of the islands largest sea lions, you can’t miss him! So don’t hold back – come and visit the Falkland Islands.

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