Ethical Travel

Ethical Travel

We choose to operate to destinations around the world which allow our clients to discover the diversity of landscapes and cultures and ways of living around world as it is, and at times to inform their opinions and challenge their preconceptions.

Our aim is to adhere to an ethical and socially responsible approach to operating holidays and to enable travellers to experience the reality of the world we live in.

Some of our holidays are to just beautiful destinations; lovely mountains, good food, welcoming hotels and engaging locals. In others, you may encounter local activities, cultural behaviours and social values which need a bit more thinking about.

People travel for different reasons and we do try to operate holidays for the traveller, to destinations where at times people think differently to us, where cultural attitudes can at times conflict strongly with our way of looking at the world, and to get under the skin of the places we visit. Where possible, and where it's safe to do so, we seek to avoid insulating the traveller from the life of the destination.

Where ever you choose to visit, we're confident that you'll experience real destinations, seeing both the must-see highlights and life away from the tourist crowds.

The world's more beautiful on foot...