Disabilities & Medical Conditions

Disabilities & Medical Conditions

All of our holidays involve a degree of physical activity, a range of terrains at times requiring a steadiness of foot, a reasonable sense of balance and, being a small-group guided walking holidays, the need to move as a group during the day’s organised activities.

We want to ensure that our holidays are accessible to as many people as possible. We also recognise that the term ‘disability’ covers a broad range of impairments, many of which have no impact on mobility or the ability to participate in our holidays. Some medical conditions may preclude some holiday activities but not necessarily others. The nature of our holidays does mean, however, that some will not be accessible to certain people with certain disabilities or impairments.

If you have any disability or medical condition which may prevent your participation, or that of other group members, in the advertised holiday arrangements in any way, please contact us before or at the time of booking for advice.

We are always happy to discuss any disability-related needs with you and will endeavour to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate them if full details are provided in writing at the time of booking.

In general, for safety reasons, we require that all participants are able to cope reasonably with the demands of the holiday arrangements without assistance from our tour leader or other members of the group not travelling with you. We also require that all members of the group are able to undertake the included activities at a reasonable pace so as not to prevent other group members from completing the advertised programme without unreasonable delay.

During the course of the holiday, for safety reasons, there may be some walks or activities in which your disability or condition may preclude you from participation. Should this be the necessary, although your tour leader will discuss his or her concerns with you sensitively, our tour leader's decision is final.

If we feel that we cannot meet your needs, we reserve the right to decline your booking. In addition, if, after booking your holiday, a disability-related additional need becomes evident that we cannot properly accommodate, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

For your own safety and that of your travelling companions, you must agree to follow the instructions of our tour leader, local guide or other responsible local official.


Further Advice

Please take a look at the advice in our holiday information sheets and holiday descriptions on the individual tour pages as well as our holiday grade descriptions.

If you have any questions regarding the demands of our holidays, or are in any doubt as the suitability of a particular holiday for you, please do get in touch.