Walking Holidays in Cuba

Walk in a tropical landscape of white sand beaches and azure seas, lush forests, tobacco and fruit plantations and rugged mountains and valleys full of exotic flora and fauna. Explore Cuba’s colonial cities, meticulously preserved, yet gently crumbling round the edges. These are ageing grandes dames, splendid in their dignified frontages. The architecture and atmosphere in these cities conjures images of a powerful past of trade and intrigue, now faded and tattered.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to Cuba?

Cuba is a sensual overload. Sit outside a bar in time-warp Havana and sip a strong rum punch.  Soak in the life of the city as it passes in front of you – classic pastel-coloured Cadillacs and Pontiacs, rusting but much loved, cruise the busy streets; the air smells of tobacco, petrol, cooking. People embrace life on the street, laughing, arguing, dancing. And everywhere there is music, Cuba’s lifeblood. Son Cubano, rhumba, salsa, and Afro-Cuban jazz rhythms spill from doorways, the sounds reflecting its eclectic cultural heritage.

Time-worn but magnificent, now is the time to explore Cuba on a Ramblers Walking Holiday.

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