If You Cancel Your Holiday

You can choose to cancel your holiday at any time. Any cancellations must be made in writing and all cancellations are subject to the Terms & Conditions of your booking, which you must agree to before you book with us.

If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy you may be able to reclaim any charged incurred.


If We Cancel Your Holiday

We reserve the right to cancel individual holiday departures in any circumstances, for example if the minimum number of participants necessary, in our opinion, to make the holiday commercially viable, is not achieved.

We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible in the event that we need to cancel a holiday to allow you to consider an alternative date or holiday. Whenever possible we will offer you an alternative holiday option. In any event, except for reasons of:

  • Force majeure
  • Your failure to pay the balance due for your holiday
  • Concerns as to your fitness to participate in the advertised holiday arrangements come to light

we will not cancel your holiday within the periods indicated below:

UK Holidays  8 weeks before departure 
Short Haul holidays   10 weeks before departure
Long Haul holidays   12 weeks before ?departure
Cruise & Walk holidays   14 weeks before departure  


See our Terms & Conditions for more advice.