At The Airport

Departure Procedure

Make a careful note of your check-in time (airport check-in desks usually open at least three hours before take-off) and decide how you’re going to travel to the airport well in advance. It’s important to allow extra time for roadworks, traffic delays (which you can check with the AA or RAC), parking your car, and getting to and from the bus or rail terminal.

Please build in extra time too for security checks, check-in and passport control, especially during busy holiday periods such as bank holiday weekends and school holiday periods.

We normally have a representative at our UK departure airports and we recommend that upon arrival at the airport you report to them so that we can ensure that everyone has arrived safely for their flight; by doing this, we hope to avoid any unnecessary delays at the overseas airport before departing for your hotel. Advice as to where to find them will be in your Travel Note sent to you about two weeks before departure.

Please provide us with a mobile phone number to enable us to contact you at the very last minute or during your holiday – particularly during your outward travel. We will only use mobile phone numbers you provide us to assist you and not to subject you to marketing calls.

Please do keep your mobile phone switched on, readily available and where you can hear it when travelling to the airport or if delayed en route.

At UK airports and some overseas airports you will find self-service check-in machines for most airlines which you may like to use in order to avoid queuing.

Many airlines are also introducing facilities to enable passengers to check-in on-line within 24 hours of your flight, before travelling to the airport. On-line check-in is not always available for group bookings like ours, details are available from our Travel Team on +44 (0)1707 386732 or [email protected].

For a relaxed departure you are advised to check in at the airport at least two hours before scheduled take off time (three hours for long haul).

The earlier you check-in, the wider the choice of seating available to you.

All members of your party must be present at the check-in desk and you will need to present your flight tickets or online booking reference, luggage and passports. You’ll be asked standard security questions.

Any item of hand baggage will be checked to ensure it complies with size and weight limitations.

If you have exceeded your luggage allowance, excess baggage charges may be levied. Once your checked-in luggage has been cleared, you’ll be given receipts for each item, and a boarding card with your seat number. It’s wise to confirm that your baggage-check stub is correctly marked with your destination airport.

You should proceed to the departure lounge via Passport Control as soon as possible as further security checks will occur during which your hand luggage will be screened. At some airports, clothing may be searched or your whole body scanned.

Once you have gone through Passport Control you may meet your travelling companions in the departure lounge.

Check the monitors in the departure lounge for latest flight and boarding details.

Due to the size of some airports it can take some time to walk from the departure lounge to the departure gate. Please check these times before your flight is called in the departure lounge.

At the departure gate you’ll need to present both your passport and boarding card.

You can check the facilities available at the UK and overseas airports we use by looking at the airport websites.