Walking Holidays Argentina

From the patchwork of the modern metropolis that is Buenos Aires, to the breathtaking rolling terrain of Patagonia, experience it all in, ‘The Magic of Patagonia’, one of our holidays passing through Argentina. Hike the unimaginable vastness of the lesser explored mountains, and the jagged Torres Del Paine. Immerse yourself in an area that still feels like a frontier.

We spend a few nights in the capital, which is plenty, as the street life is non-stop and an absolute feast for the senses, with cafes and paths draped in purple jacaranda flowers to greet you. The fabulous vibrancy of porteños, the civilians in Buenos Aires, provide additional colour to the city and express their passions for style, art and their Latin American heritage.

Why Book a Walking Holiday to Argentina?

Despite the incomparable variety of cuisine available at our fantastic hotels and local restaurants of choice, traditional Argentinean food is impossible to escape. Parrillas, or steak restaurants, are on every corner of every street, and serve up almost every cut of beef imaginable, seasoned to perfection and cooked just to your liking. Along with fine dining comes the wine, which is pretty much on tap in most eateries, ideal for those looking to indulge on their trip of a lifetime.

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