Walking holidays in Andorra

Nestled on the border between France and Spain, tucked away deep in the Pyrenees, Andorra is one of Europe’s most spectacular hidden gems. High mountain slopes, glistening lakes and rugged peaks all lie within its borders and make for excellent walking holidays, particularly during the summer months.

The lower wooded inclines present a landscape of sunny mountain plateaus, rich with flora and fauna and full of vibrant colours. Then, ascend tricky, steep slopes such as those found on the Els Aspres path and witness the Andorran sunrise reveal the stunning silhouettes of the soaring peaks.

However, Andorra walking holidays aren’t limited to mountain passes and rough trekking; Andorra is rich with history, making it ideal for culture vultures and the budding historians amongst us. Quintessential villages contrast with the many preserved Roman buildings finished with local technique, the stunning architecture of which has remained intact after thousands of years.


Explore Andorra by foot for an unforgettable holiday

Andorra walking holidays comprise of a number of challenging ascents and rough mountain passes but the incredible panoramic views and ever-changing, stunning surroundings are more than worth the effort. More quiet and peaceful walks are available for those looking to simply take in the beauty of the natural landscapes and surrounding wildlife.

Our walks are lead by a Ramblers Walking Holidays leader and also a local mountain guide to help you see the best sights that Andorra has to offer. You’ll also get to stay at a number of comfortable and characterful hotels and shelters along the way.

If you would like to find out more about booking a walking holiday in Andorra, please contact the team or request a brochure. Explore our full range of Andorra walking holidays below.