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USA, Canada & the Caribbean
Experience the real flavours and energy of the New World in North America, walk the spectacular Canadian Rockies or visit the laid back Caribbean. Our picks of the month: New England & California
Italy & Islands
Italy is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries from the top of the Dolomites to the beautiful island of Sicily. Picks of the month! Francavilla in Sicily, Trentino Highlands and the Sorrento Peninsula.
Central Europe
Familiar favourites & hidden treasures ensure the best European walking adventures. Picks of the month! Kyrenian Mountains and The Bavarian Beer Garden.
Spain & Islands
Explore Spain on foot - from the striking beauty of the Pyrenees to the diversity of the Canaries. Picks of the month: Puerto del Soller and Camino de Santiago.

Middle East & North Africa
Join one of our unique walking tours for an insight into these diverse and fascinating regions. Picks of the Month: Moroccan Experience
Portugal & Islands
Portugal has a diverse landscape of charming villages and towns. Visit this beautiful country and islands. Pick of the month: Tavira

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