Meet some of our holiday experts

Our tour leaders are as passionate about walking and discovering the world as you are. Experienced in leading, usually, but not necessarily in the area of the holiday, each has their own individual style and particular talents. All are first-aid trained, holding walking qualifications commensurate with the holiday grade they lead and often have good foreign languages skills.

They are supported by a back-office team who seek to ensure that you’ve got the best itinerary and all holiday arrangements are in place for you to enjoy.

What is unsurpassed is their wide travel knowledge and commitment to making your holiday as friendly and pleasurable as possible. We’d like to introduce you to some of them below.

Join us Our Leaders are an integral part of our short breaks and holidays and we are always interested in recruiting new leaders with the right experience, qualifications and aptitude. Click here for more information about becoming a leader.

Local Leaders and Guides

We also employ and train some local leaders as well as working with local area guides on many of our long-haul destinations.Native to the area, their friendly welcomes and special insights are hugely popular, adding real character and flavour - and keep our clients coming back for more!

Helen Nelson

Helen truly believes that travelling is one of the best educations you can have. She spent 3 years living in, and travelling around, the Middle East  before meeting her husband and moved to New York, from where they travelled all over North America. Helen has been with RWH for over 5 years now and her position as a Product Manager enables her to put her passion for travel into developing itineraries for areas that she loves the most – Middle East, India, Morocco and Greece.


Misty says 'if you’re taking a human away on holiday you know what makes them happy, and let’s face it, if they’re happy, you’re happy. But enough about them…what about us? I’ve found some walks with excellent puddles and cow-pats you wouldn’t believe. Lakes, rivers, mountains… we’ve got the lot. I’ve spotted rabbits and squirrels in the gardens, and the local canines are full of good advice on where to go. If there is anything you need to know about our Paws on Tour holidays please feel free to contact me'. 

Marion and Dave Horley

Marion and Dave/Dennis Horley have been working together for some ten years, leading over fifty holidays to Europe, Canada, Ecuador, South Africa, and six walking/cruising holidays.  Of late they favour island holidays in the Canaries, Cape Verde and Malta.  In their previous lives, Dave was Head of an Outdoor Education Centre,  Marion was teaching music and foreign languages; so he is quite handy finding the way, she communicating with the locals.  

Gill Cape

Gill - is a keen traveller and long distance walker.  She has been leading for us since 2004 and truely enjoys the challenge of helping provide a holiday that all enjoy however diverse their expectations! Gill is always prepared to go the extra mile metaphorically, and sometimes literally.

Lawrence Jones

After a decade of living and working in Southern Germany and travelling extensively in Europe and further afield, Lawrence joined Ramblers Worldwide Holidays in 2011. He has led mostly in Germany and Portugal and enjoys learning much more about the local geography, history and culture.

Sam Roebuck

Sam has been Leading for Ramblers since 2005.  Travel is without doubt his passion, but if he were on Mastermind (which isn’t going to happen any time soon) his says he would choose ‘The Early Roman Empire’ as his specialist subject.  That’s why, when asked about his favourite tour, he names Hadrian’s Wall, without hesitation.  He can often be found along the Roman Wall, giving one of his infamous ‘little-lectures’.  Lately though, (after unexpectedly leading a tour in New York City), he fell in love with the Big Apple, and now won’t let a year go by without visiting 'The City That Never Sleeps'.  Where next?  Well, it’s a big old world out there, so who knows?

Al & Jane Sarjeant

Al and Jane have been leading for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays since 2007.  Al served for 32 years in the Royal Air Force, and Jane says that she was ‘married to the RAF’ for much of that time!  They are both passionate about sharing their love of the outdoors, be it sightseeing in the Italian Lakes or New Zealand, or hiking tough trails in the French Alps. They were recently voted winners, by our clients, in the Favourite Leaders Awards 2013 and continue to lead regularly all over the world.

Paul Sackin

Paul has been leading since 1997. Having had a career as a GP he likes the idea of generalism so does not keep returning to a special favourite place. Instead Paul loves to share his enthusiasm for discovering new places, mainly in Europe.  Italy has now become one of Paul's favourite areas to lead with Roman Holiday and Venice being two of his recent tours.