Several of our holidays offer the chance to experience more than one walking grade. Offering an easier and harder option each day, our 2x holiday options are perfect if you and your holiday partner have a different preference or walking ability. Neither of you will be either gasping to keep up with the other, or kicking your heels, and, at the end of the day, you’ll both have your own walking story to tell.

Maybe you'd like the challenge of choosing a harder grade walk one day, or maybe you'd like to take some time out occasionally with an easier walk, on these 2x holidays you'll have the flexibility to do just that! Sometimes the walks on offer will be similar - one taken at a slower pace than the other, or perhaps a shorter distance.  On other days the walks will be quite distinct and will offer a great choice if you want to mix things up a little – stroll the coastline one day, conquer mountain terrain the next.


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Many say that Lanzarote is the most fascinating of the Canary Islands, and with winter temperatures which rarely fall below 20C, it makes the perfect winter walking destination.

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