The autumn and spring seasons can produce excellent walking weather in these southerly latitudes, and Malta offers, a rich variety of country walking and ancient buildings.

Its central position in the Mediterranean has made the island a hub of history, from the landing of St Paul, through the times of the Knights of St John to the modern epic of Gallant Malta. The plaque awarding the island the George Cross, and the list of sunken ships in Fort Angelo can be seen in Valletta, whose Grand Harbour is indeed grand.

The cultural mix makes Malta unique: its language is based on Arabic, but English is widely spoken and you will feel oddly at home in this strange land with its traditional buildings, generous melange of Victorian frontages and other British touches.

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Our Malta Walking Holidays

Islands in the Southern Mediterranean
Easy walking in Southeast Sicily, Malta & Gozo
NEW  Follow in the footsteps of BBC4’s Inspector Montalbano to Sicily plus explore Malta & Gozo; These islands central position in the Mediterranean has made them the hub of history as Romans, Normans, Arabs, Spanish and other great powers have all left their mark.
Next Dept: 20 Feb 15      For: 14 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    New Holiday Special Selection Hotels     Grades: D/E/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,070
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Malta & Gozo
Discovering the Maltese Islands - the heart of the Mediterranean.
This walking holiday starts in Malta and continues on Gozo. Our walks cross farmland, steep valleys, terraced fields and table-top hills and contrast the two islands.
Next Dept: 29 Oct 14      For: 10 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Festive Walking Special Selection Hotels     Grades: D
Price from: £750
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Mediterranean & Black Sea
Sailing to Byzantium... and beyond.

Since time immemorial a voyage to the Black Sea has been associated with myths and mighty deeds. From Jason and the Argonauts to the soldiers of the Crimea, the journey is one where legends have been forged. On this cruise, as much an adventure as a holiday, history and beautiful scenery play an equal part.
Next Dept: 14 Jun 14      For: 28 nights       From: Southampton Port
Types:    Cruise     Grades: E/Sightseeing
Price from: £2,999
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