We know Tuscany is not a country. We also know it is one of the finest areas for walking in Europe. From the open grassy ridges of the Appenine watershed to the strolling on the city walls of Lucca, Tuscany has walking to suit every taste. In Tuscany you can enjoy as much variety as in any country in Europe.

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David joined the company as a leader in 1991 and spent 5 years leading RWH holidays all over the world. He still travels and leads as much as possible when family commitments allow.

Our Tuscany Walking Holidays

Walking in the mountains of Tuscany
Mountain walking from San Marcello
San Marcello in Tuscany is our popular centre in the Apennine Mountains. Here the summits reach almost 2000m. In spring masses of wild flowers abound, the autumn offers beautiful colours and gener­ally clear skies throughout October.
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The Garfagnana Valley
Two weeks, two centres, exploring the Apuan and Apennine mountains.
NEW In unspoilt north-western Tuscany, shielded from the outside world by a horse-shoe of mountains (the Apennines to the north and east and the Apuan Alps to the west) lies the lovely Garfagnana Valley. We will explore one of the most beautiful walking areas in Italy. The walking is outstanding.
Next Dept: 01 Jul 15      For: 14 nights       From: TBA
Types:    New Holiday     Grades: C/D+
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Tuscan Lifestyle
Walking and cooking.
A one week holiday in Tuscany. During our stay we’ll mix easy walking, some sightseeing and practice at Italian cooking. The walking is fantastically varied with walks along open grassy ridges on the Appenine Watershed and relaxed strolls through historic villages. We also have the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Florence or Lucca.
Next Dept: 26 Oct 14      For: 7 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Lifestyle Special Interest Walking and Cooking     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £789
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Bella Toscana
11 days enjoying the fantastically varied Tuscan countryside.
A wonderful variety of walking and sightseeing experiences on this two-centre Tuscan holiday featuring the high hill-town of Volterra near the medieval Manhattan of San Gimignano. Our second centre is the exquisite, hill-town of Massa Marittima
Next Dept: 04 Sep 15      For: 10 nights       From: TBA
Types:        Grades: D/Sightseeing
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Renaissance Tuscany
A feast of art, history, culture and countryside.
It was in Tuscany that the art and knowledge of the ancient world was rediscovered and reinterpreted in the middle ages. From our centre in Montecatini Terme, an easy and relaxed spa town we can explore some of the finest renaissance cities.
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Siena & Florence
Art and countryside under the Tuscan sun.

NEW Tuscany was evidently at the front of the queue when things of beauty were handed out. The landscapes seem to have been plucked from a Renaissance painting and many art works still reside in the buildings for which they were created. Splitting our time between Siena and Florence we enjoy an aesthetic feast.

Next Dept: 20 Nov 14      For: 10 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Festive Walking New Holiday     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,090
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