Middle East & North Africa
A true centre of world affairs from ancient times, the Middle East abounds with history and mystery.

Morocco is a rich melting pot of people, places and possibilities, and as such offers tourists a great range and breadth of hiking holidays and treks. Morocco has everything from built up city areas to warm Mediterranean seas and everything in between. You can go sightseeing and investigate the Souks and alleys of Casablanca and Rabat. You can go on a Moroccan hiking tour across oceans of sand. You can follow the ancient Moorish trails to the Mediterranean and see across the straits of Gibraltar. The opportunities available are vast, and all are perfect for trekking, walking and hiking in Morocco.

In Jordan, visit the ancient red rose city of Petra and spend the night under the starts at a desert camp in Wadi Rum. A truely spectacular experience! Lebanon is a country of diverse regions with beautiful coastline, acres of cedar forests and wine producing valleys. Not to mention the ancient Roman sites.

The Holy Land is home to thought provoking names such as Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Masada. Walking in this region leads you from the green valleys and forests of the north to the rocky mountains and hills of the Judean Desert.

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Our Middle East & North Africa Holidays

Moroccan Experience
One week or 11 days exploring Marrakech and the mountains and valleys beyond.
Inside the old city walls we’ll discover the Koutoubia Mosque, the Saadian Tombs and the Djemaa el Fna square with its street entertainers and colourful souks. We’ll also spend time away from the city walking in the High Atlas Mountain range and Ourika Valley, visiting traditional villages, Berber souks and enjoying the stunning scenery. Regional R1
Next Dept: 06 Nov 14      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Festive Walking Lifestyle Special Selection Hotels     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £749
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The Moorish Trail
A journey from Marrakech to Madrid.
A chance to walk Spain in the footsteps of generations past. Follow the trail the 8th century Moors crossed from Africa to the Iberian Peninsula by train and foot. Travelling from Marrakech to Madrid we follow the tradition and influence of the Moors from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech to the beautiful hill top town of Ronda, and then on to the modern city of Madrid.
Next Dept: 22 Dec 14      For: 12 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Pioneer Travel by Rail     Grades: E/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,595
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Sailing towards the Tropics
Cruising the Europe and Africa's Atlantic coast and islands

On this cruise we don’t quite reach the Tropics, but the mild climate of the Azores, Madeira and the Canaries is a welcome contrast to a northern European winter. Add to that a dash of Iberia and a taste of Morocco and you have a very pleasant way to build up to Christmas.
Next Dept: 24 Nov 14      For: 16 nights       From: Liverpool Port
Types:    Cruise     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,420
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Magic of the Canaries
Exploring mountains, volcanoes and gorges of the Canaries.
It is our cruises to the Canaries that really show best what Cruise & Walk is all about - a new island each day, real mountain walking, at a time of year when the weather in northern Europe makes a cruise to the warm south seem even more appealing.
Next Dept: 21 Dec 14      For: 13 nights       From: Southampton Port
Types:    Cruise Festive Walking     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,399
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Magical Marrakech
The market place of Morocco - an Adagio holiday
The bustling markets, towering minarets and colourful spices all come together to create this exciting and exotic city. Add to this the tranquil gardens, traditional Berber villages, and stunning Atlas mountain range and you have a magical holiday that touches all the senses.
Next Dept: 12 Nov 14      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Adagio     Grades:
Price from: £1,075
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Biblical Footsteps
A journey through Israel & Palestine.
Positioned between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and at the centre of the three major religions, the Holy Land is an extraordinary destination. This journey will lead us through ancient history, culture and religions and offer great walking in stunning surroundings.
Next Dept: 05 Mar 15      For: 10 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:        Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £2,425
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Jewels of Jordan
Hiking the spectacular landscapes of a forgotten country.
Enjoy the spectacular landscapes of a forgotten country on our guided hiking and sightseeing holiday to Jordan, a hospitable and historic land of many surprises and home to the most spectacular sights including the lost city of Petra and the beauty of Wadi Rum; this is a majestic and captivating country.
Next Dept: 19 Dec 14      For: 12 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Festive Walking Pioneer     Grades: D/D+/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,985
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Birding Southern Morocco
Desert, wetland & mountain habitats of the Atlas Mountains
NEW Morocco offers the richest birding in North Africa, with its many specialities and near endemic species, along with numerous spring migrants passing through to Europe. We will explore the southern part of this country, visiting the variety of distinct habitats.
Next Dept: 22 Feb 15      For: 11 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Birds New Holiday     Grades: D
Price from: £1,100
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