Greece & Islands
Greece blends the ancient with the modern in an incredible fusion of mystery, colour and sensation. Walking in Greece means following in the footsteps of some of the best soldiers, most renowned statesmen and wisest philosophers the world has ever known. Explore the lands of their modern decendents and enjoy sightseeing opportunities amongst the ruins of one of the world’s most important civilisations. Experience the majesty, tragedy and wonder of these ancient lands with Ramblers Worldwide hiking holidays in Greece. Come and explore the enchanting nature of walking holidays in Greece with Ramblers Worldwide Holidays.

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Our Greece Holidays

Island Hopping in the Dodecanese
A circular holiday from Rhodes.
This relaxed island hopping holiday takes us on an alternative journey to a part of Greece where time seems to stand still. Walking amongst ancient ruins and in secluded, unspoilt countryside, discover each island’s unique place in history.
Next Dept: 07 May 14      For: 14 nights       From: Multiple
Types:    Lifestyle     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,465
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A Greek Experience
Traditional Aegean life on the island of Evia - an Adagio holiday

Although close to mainland Greece, the island of Evia has a wonderfully remote and undiscovered feel with stunning scenery, a beautiful coastline, traditional villages and picturesque beaches. Add into the mix delicious local cuisine, wines, medieval castles, Byzantine churches, and warm Greek hospitality...
Next Dept: 24 May 14      For: 7 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Adagio     Grades:
Price from: £850
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A Knights' Island
Leisurely walking on the Greek Island of Rhodes.
NEW A holiday of wonderful leisurely walks with great scenery and ample time to appreciate Rhodes' beauty. Enjoy the island’s endless sandy beaches, array of buildings, traditional cuisine and great climate, which even in winter is ideal, when the days are generally mild and bright.
Next Dept: 07 May 14      For: 7 nights       From: Multiple
Types:    New Holiday     Grades: E/Sightseeing
Price from: £825
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Walking on Samos
Aegean Island hiking on Samos, the best of island life
Samos is arguably one of the most verdant and beautiful islands of Greece’s Eastern Aegean. The rugged northern coastline is scattered with steep sided coves and picturesque bays, while south of the dividing mountains, the landscape opens up to rich wooded valleys and plains.
Next Dept: 01 May 14      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Flowers Lifestyle Website Only     Grades: D
Price from: £845
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Spring Flowers of the Peloponnese
Walking the Southern Peloponnese from a base on the Mani peninsula.
In the springtime the natural beauty of the Mani in the Southern Peloponnese comes alive with an abundance of flora and our walks will allow time to appreciate the outstanding scenery. Discover the flowers of the Peloponnese, visit archaeological sites and enjoy easy walking in hill country and coastal landscapes.
Next Dept: 27 Apr 14      For: 7 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Flowers     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £915
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Tinos & Andros
Walkers’ paradise in the northern Cyclades.
NEW Offering miles of ancient stoned pathways, unspoiled countryside, wooded valleys, and quiet beaches, Tinos and Andros are a walker’s paradise waiting to be discovered. Relatively untouched by tourism, the islands offer a true Greek experience with lots of local flavours and colour.
Next Dept: 14 May 14      For: 14 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    New Holiday     Grades: D
Price from: £1,059
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An exploration of Greece's Alpine secret.
Karpenissi holds an enviable position at the head of the spectacular Karpenisiotis Valley, on the southern slopes of Mount Tymfristos. Here is a region where we can see Greece at its most beautiful. Our  walking programme will take us deep into the countryside with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, across valleys, towards lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

Next Dept: 16 May 14      For: 9 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Lifestyle     Grades: D/D+/Sightseeing
Price from: £935
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A Classic Greek Journey
A journey into ancient Greece where history and mythology merge. Visit the original Olympic stadium.
This holiday leads us on a journey through ancient Greek history and mythology to classical sites and museums with spectacular collections, coupled with easy countryside and coastal walking. This journey will take us from the sacred site of the oracle at Delphi to the bustling metropolis of Athens with its iconic Parthenon and new contemporary Acropolis Museum
Next Dept: 16 Sep 14      For: 11 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:        Grades: E/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,235
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