Walking Portugal with one of the small, friendly groups organised by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays is a rich experience. Our experienced guides guarantee that enthusiasts will discover the best attractions the country has to offer. They’ll show you the less well trodden paths which you can enjoy in the security of their trustworthy knowledge.

When Ramblers Worldwide Holidays takes you walking in Portugal you’ll understand why the Algarve is such a popular destination for walking holidays in Portugal. You’ll bask in the wonderfully warm climate and marvel at the stunning scenery as you wander through the countryside. Our walks open up the diverse landscape of relaxed and charming villages, the rugged mountainous interior, and the golden sunburnt coastline of beaches and rocky coves of Portugal. Walking tours guided by Ramblers Worldwide Holidays will uncover the true heart of this incredibly beautiful country. Discover the food, the culture and the sun drenched beaches of the Algarve Coast, or take a magical winter cruise to the Canaries & Madeira for a truly refreshing holiday.

Whether you choose a relaxing cruise, a cultural urban experience or a more demanding hike through volcanic landscapes, our Portugal walking holidays will suit your every mood. Catering to all levels of experience, Ramblers Worldwide Holiday will offer you the holiday of a lifetime.

After all, the world’s more beautiful on foot.

Tour Expert

After university and some independent travel in Africa, Aisling joined Ramblers Worldwide in October 2010. As one of the Product Management team she specialises in South Africa’s Cape Provinces, France and Portugal.

Fantastic Walking in Portugal

Tavira, Pearl of the Algarve
The coast, villages and countryside of the Eastern Algarve
The Algarve has many charms and is ideal for easy walking holidays in Portugal. We stay in a relaxing four-star hotel idyllically located in Tavira one of the most architec­turally attractive towns in the Algarve dating back to about 2000 BC. Regional R3
Next Dept: 22 Dec 14      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick, Manchester
Types:    Festive Walking Lifestyle     Grades: D
Price from: £729
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Along the Algarve Way
Walk to the end of Europe!
There’s the Algarve, and then there’s the real Algarve! If you wish to see the latter, come and join us on this two-centre holiday which features six of the finest walking routes across the Algarve, the most westerly extension of the Grand European walking route E4/GR13. Regional R3
Next Dept: 28 Mar 15      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:        Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £950
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Hidden Delights of the Western Algarve
Explore the treasures of this most westerly corner of Europe
NEW The western Algarve’s varied geology helps produce a rich diversity of scenery from granitic mountains to dramatic limestone escarpments and sea cliffs offering a glorious mix of coastal, mountain and inland scenery. We’ll see different facets of these varied landscapes. Regional R3
Next Dept: 12 Apr 15      For: 7 nights       From: Multiple
Types:    New Holiday     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £925
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The Douro Valley
Three centres, Oporto, Miranda and Regua.
Travelling on one of the world’s most spectacular railway lines, this walking holiday makes its way up the Douro Valley in Portugal towards the Spanish frontier. The central and upper reaches of the valley are truly beautiful and you will find Natural Parks and ancient towns where time has stood still.
Next Dept: 11 Jun 15      For: 14 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Lifestyle     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £1,195
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Wilderness Parks of Northern Portugal Part II
A two-centre holiday in a little known region of Portugal.
NEW After the success of our original and long running Wilderness Parks of Northern Portugal holiday, we return to the Peneda- Gerês National Park, but this time we visit the Serra da Peneda, in the other half of the Park.
Next Dept: 23 May 15      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:        Grades: D+
Price from: £799
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Portugal's Emerald Coast
Wonderful walks and a beautiful location.
One-week guided walking holidays from the north west corner of Portugal. This is a gem of a holiday, based in the beautiful Costa Verde, famous for its mountains, lush green countryside, beautiful beaches and "Vinho verde" making it a captiv­ating and unforgettable destination.
Next Dept: 16 May 15      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:        Grades: D
Price from: £795
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Madeira – Mountains & Levadas
Moderate or challenging walking on the Garden Isle of Madeira
NEW This beautiful botanical island of Madeira, lays just 350 miles off the African coast. Famed for its levadas and flowers it is an excellent walking destination with an equable year round climate. Some walks take us along levadas – the irrigation waterways ingeniously engineered both over and through the rock to bring water from high mountain springs, there are well over 1,000 miles of them on the island. Others explore peaceful mountain valleys and coastal tracks follow the line of rugged sea cliffs with spectacular views. Regional R1
Next Dept: 07 Apr 15      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    2 Leaders     Grades: C/D+
Price from: £889
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The “Floating Garden” of Madeira
The perfect walkers’ island
Madeira's volcanic origins are evident by the rocky shore line and rugged mountainous interior. Its highest point, Pico Ruivo, at nearly 1800m, looks out over a mass of peaks and a violently formed landscape. Over the years Madeira has been described as the "pearl of the Atlantic" and "the floating garden" Regional R1
Next Dept: 04 Nov 14      For: 14 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Festive Walking Special Selection Hotels     Grades: D+
Price from: £1,125
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