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Ian has led for Ramblers Worldwide Holidays for 28 years, albeit just leading one tour per year whilst balancing a busy job managing the Malvern Hills.  He has led a variety of holidays from flowers and birdwatching to the Pyrenees, Alps and Himalayas

Our Trinidad Walking Holidays

Trinidad & Tobago
Birdwatching in the Caribbean: Enjoying Trinidad & Tobago's avian delights.
This is primarily a bird watching holiday. Trinidad’s vibrant beat nestles comfortably alongside the more serene Tobago. The proximity of the islands to South America has resulted in an unusually diverse fauna, particularly the birdlife and few areas of comparable size in tropical America match the spectacular diversity of species.
Next Dept: 15 Jan 15      For: 12 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Birds     Grades: E
Price from: £2,525
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