Bird Watching Holidays
We believe the best bird watching holidays are the ones where you don’t just get to see exotic birds of all kinds – but the ones where you also get a real sense of the environments they live in, and their preferred habitats.

Along with the customary friendly and knowledgeable leaders you would expect on our Ramblers Worldwide Holidays bird watching tours, we’re proud to present our selection of ‘Birdwatching and Walking Holidays’ that will delight casual birders and experienced enthusiasts alike.

There’s nothing like being able to settle back on your bird holidays with friendly like minded company and enjoy viewing birds and other wildlife in their diverse habitats. As a major feature of these walking holidays, it’s one we’re sure you will find very rewarding.

In addition, if you are among the growing number who enjoy seeing a wide range of spectacular species close up on bird watching tours, then one of our special ’Birdwatching and Walking Holidays’ is for you!

We’ve partnered with “Swarovski Optik” to ensure you have access to a 60x magnification telescope so that you can get really close to the action! Observing the birds’ interesting behaviour in stunning surroundings has never been easier on your bird watching holidays – take a look at our selection below to find out more.

Tour Expert

Barry Trevis is our in-house bird expert. He researches our birdwatching holidays, leading many of them. He lives in the village where Ramblers Worldwide Holidays office is situated and has been the warden of Lemsford Springs Nature Reserve there for over 30 years. He has birded extensively over seven continents and carries out bird-ringing studies in the UK and abroad. He has a particular interest in watching bird behaviour wherever he goes. Showing birds and wildlife to others gives him added delight.

Our Bird Watching Holidays

Extremadura & Doñana – a Birdwatcher’s Delight
A chance to see some of the most spectacular birding sites in Western Europe.
An expert's hand is clearly visible in the planning of our birdwatching and walking holiday to two fantasticaly diverse birding sites located in western Spain. With both sites located amongst established walking areas, we have combined great birding and walking country with a touch of Roman and Spanish culture for good measure.
Next Dept: 14 Mar 15      For: 8 nights       From: Heathrow
Types:    Birds Special Interest     Grades: D
Price from: £1,250
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Birding Southern Morocco
Desert, wetland & mountain habitats of the Atlas Mountains
NEW Morocco offers the richest birding in North Africa, with its many specialities and near endemic species, along with numerous spring migrants passing through to Europe. We will explore the southern part of this country, visiting the variety of distinct habitats.
Next Dept: 22 Feb 15      For: 11 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Birds New Holiday     Grades: D
Price from: £1,100
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Estonian Birding Adventure
An ideal place to enjoy spectacular bird migrations. Exploring varied habitats all over the country.
NEW Estonia is known in ornithological circles for its spectacular bird migrations along the Baltic coast in spring and autumn. Although largely flat it has varied habitats, impressive National Parks and nature reserves.  We‘ll take in some walks to find the best birding sites and also some of the local culture, a spirit distillery and local brewery give insight into local life.
Next Dept: 25 Apr 15      For: 7 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Birds     Grades: D
Price from: £1,475
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Trinidad & Tobago
Birdwatching in the Caribbean: Enjoying Trinidad & Tobago's avian delights.
This is primarily a bird watching holiday. Trinidad’s vibrant beat nestles comfortably alongside the more serene Tobago. The proximity of the islands to South America has resulted in an unusually diverse fauna, particularly the birdlife and few areas of comparable size in tropical America match the spectacular diversity of species.
Next Dept: 15 Jan 15      For: 12 nights       From: Gatwick
Types:    Birds     Grades: E
Price from: £2,525
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Orkney Islands
Rugged and remote islands with a fascinating history.

The Orkney Islands have something for everyone. There's stunning coastal walking, fascinating history, World Heritage archaeological sites and beautiful scenery. May departures are intended for keen birdwatchers!
Next Dept: 02 May 15      For: 7 nights       From: Edinburgh
Types:    Birds Historical Walks Islands Rich in Wildlife     Grades: D/Sightseeing
Price from: £945
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Scottish Highland Birding
Unique and diverse birding habitat
6 nights – half board

For British birders the area around the Spey Valley in the Scottish Highlands provides an unrivalled variety of habitats. The Cairngorm Massif is Britain’s highest mountain plateau and is unique in supporting an area of sub alpine tundra. It offers the chance to see birds not seen elsewhere, and in summer plumage. 
Next Dept: 01 May 15      For: 6 nights      
Types:    Birds New Holiday Special Interest     Grades: D
Price from: £699
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