Our Nordic Walking Holidays

Whatever your age or fitness level, you can be part of the fastest growing fitness activity in the world. More than 10 million people around the globe are taking up Nordic Walking as a sociable way to enjoy the great outdoors and boost your fitness at the same time.

Have a go at Nordic Walking with great days out in beautiful landscapes and learn a new cross training walking technique to burn more calories than normal walking, give yourself a good aerobic workout, strengthen your upper body, reduce the stress on the joints and generally improve your fitness.

What is Nordic Walking?

Originally known as Ski Walking, Nordic Walking is just ordinary walking made up to 40% more effective by the use of specially designed poles and using your upper body as well as your legs! With the correct technique, you can burn more calories than regular walking, give yourself a good aerobic workout, strengthen your upper body and reduce the stress on the joints. Join us and be part of the walking revolution!

We supply the poles for the holiday, so you don't need to bring any specialist equipment other than the usual walking gear!

What about these special Nordic Walking poles?

You'll need to use specially designed Nordic walking poles, rather than ordinary walking poles, as these are designed to be effectively an extension of the arms and make it easier to walk with the correct technique and get the most out of your Nordic Walking session. If you have your own Nordic Walking poles, feel free to bring them, otherwise we'll provide you with the right poles and our trained Nordic Walking leaders will show you how to use them!

What about other kit?

Special Nordic walking shoes are not required. However, there are shoes being marketed as designed for the sport, but comfortable walking, running or trail running shoes work great. Otherwise, lightweight walking boots, loosely laced below the ankle, will be okay. Small days sacks, not much bigger than 10 litres in size, or bum-bags are better than the normal larger day rucksacks - larger daypacks tend to get in the way of your arm movement.

How fit do I need to be?

This holiday is designed as a good introduction to Nordic Walking, so if you're averagely fit, can walk for three to four hours and cope with our 'D grade' holidays you're likely to be able to cope with the demands of this break. It's easy to learn, on easy terrain, and great fun!

Want to know more?
To learn more about what Nordic Walking is all about, take a look at the British Nordic Walking website.

If you enjoy Nordic Walking and would like to buy your own poles, a good range is available from Exel Nordic Walking Poles.


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