Walking Culture

Aug 01

Volcanic Springs Found during Walking Holidays in the Azores Are Unique.

Walking holidays in the Azores, the 9 small islands found off the coast of Portugal, are an experience like none others. These small volcanic islands each have their own distinct character but share stunningly beautiful scenery and varied walking experiences. One of the most unique and main attractions of the islands are their numerous volcanic springs that appear as tiny oasis’ in the midst of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Hiking Tips

Jul 16

Beware The Benign Looking Bovine You’ll Find on Walking Holidays.

One of the most typical scenes you might come across on many walking holidays in the UK is the idyllic and calming sight of cows gently grazing in beautiful green pastures. Walks will frequently even lead you through these pastures but there are a few common sense precautions that should be taken to maintain these tranquil scenes. Although cow attacks are rare it is best to exercise caution around these otherwise benign beasts.