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Eastern Europe
Experience the cultural and historical richness of Eastern Europe with a huge variety of landscapes and cities. Pick of the month! Montenegro, Hiking in the Pirin Mountains and Dubrovnik 
Italy & Islands
Italy is one of our most diverse and favourite countries from the top of the Dolomites to the beautiful Sicily. Picks of the month! Francavilla, Ancient Wonders of Sicily and Renaissance Tuscany
Central Europe
Familiar favourites & hidden treasures ensure the best European walking adventures. Picks of the month! Kyrenian MountainsThe Bavarian Beer Garden  or The Upper Inn Valley
Walking through France lets you enjoy endlessly varied countryside, sumptuous food and even a glass of wine or two! Pick of the month! Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees
USA, Canada & the Caribbean
Experience our diverse and exciting trans-atlantic holidays from the snows of the Canadian Rockies to the Caribbean Sea. Pick of the month! Barbados  
Portugal & Islands
Portugal has a diverse landscape of charming villages and towns. Visit this beautiful country and islands. Picks of the month! Tavira and The Floating Garden of Madeira

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